2014. gada 14. decembris

frost in Latgale*

This is my very first blog ever, so do not judge me too harsh, please.

In early December, had a work assignment in the eastern part of my non-descript, where’s-the-hell-that, middle-of-nowhere country. November was a tenant at sufferance:  gloomy time, gloomy thoughts, gloomy moods, snow yet to come, decent people either indulging or hibernating. And then, out of the blue - a day as if from out of Purcell’s KING ARTHUR (listen to the the Frost Scene & you will for sure grasp what I mean): -8c, bright Sun in the sky & everything covered in thick frost.

Going on another work assignment to the Carpathians soon & needed a little something for a most adorable colleague of mine - Olesya. Why not a cap? It may or may not be the frosty scene, but from the very inception I new it was going to be grey and white. And now, having juxtaposed the images I noticed the striking similarity of the colour-way.

In my very early days of knitting (well back in the previous century ;D), my mentor told that in even older days Latvian knitters would include a pattern on the inner brim of mittens: for the addressee’s private use so to say. Have been doing that since. It is always there, just I keep forgetting to photograph that. With this cap I did not. ;)

More photos at www.ravelry.com

gustavs ;)

*Latgale - the eastern part of Latvia

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