2016. gada 4. septembris


I very seldom knit ethnographic (especially, my native Latvian) patterns because of their regularity and predictability: if there is a straight line of stitches on a cap, it has been straight miles before that and will continue the same way afterwards. For me, those patterns are lifeless, frozen, petrified.

Recently, I came across an African printed fabric pattern on shutterstock.com. Actually, it said Navajo, though I suppose it might be African as well. What appeals to me in the pattern is its spontaneity: although the pattern follows a general trend, small deviations that make the whole thing live are omnipresent. One can even see as if small pieces of debris stuck to the printing roll. I am immensely proud about the outcome.

Strictly black’n’white with red flowers  (leftovers of leftovers)  on the inner brim for the recipient's private use.

More photos on ravelry.com

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